This course is targeted towards DBAs with experience using another DBMS such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle. Students will learn the architecture and internals of the PostgreSQL DBMS, will learn installation and configuration processes, PostgreSQL security best practices, backup/recovery techniques, and high availability configurations.

Each Student Receives

  • PDF course notes
  • One-on-one lab assistance
  • Cloud hosted virtual lab machine(s) for practice sessions

Course Outline

  • Installing the PostgreSQL Server
  • Administration Tools and Options
  • Configuring a PostgreSQL Cluster
  • SQL in PostgreSQL
  • Cluster Security
  • User Security
  • Backup and Recovery Methods
  • PostgreSQL Optimization
  • High Availability Configuration and Operation
  • Logical Replication (new for PostgreSQL 10!)
  • Upgrading PostgreSQL
  • Continuous Archiving and Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR)

Prerequisites: Basic Linux, bash shell, and SQL understanding and competency.